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Harry Styles sends secret messages to the One Direction fandom in the "Kiwi" music video.

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Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker, 40 Years, Star Wars, Fandoms, Starwars, Fandom

A slightly higher resolution re-scan of this pic from my collection.

Lots of Star Wars OT & PT, figure skating, and other odd things. 1983 refers to nothing but the CV label!

Mark Hamill, Cinema, 40 Years, Fandoms, Filmmaking, Movies, Cinema Movie Theater, Movie Theater, Fandom

Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker, Cinema, Star Wars, Filmmaking, Movies, Cinema Movie Theater, Starwars, Movie Theater

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Domhnall Gleeson

yuna-ya: ““Now or Later” rehearsal. The Royal Court Theatre, London, August Photo: Keith Pattison.