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Paper Artist Art of coloring and cutting out only one sheet of paper. 切り絵作家 1枚の紙を切り抜いて製作します。 パーツは全て連結しています。 ライティングによる立体インスタレーション要素
Asu Chiaki
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'Play Time' - photo from San Diego Zoo; "Qinisa is developing fastest of the twelve calves born to our African elephant herd at the Safari Park. At just one-week-old she was sucking water into her trunk and using it to pick up sticks.

Apsaras (飛天) by Kiyohara Yukinobu; Edo period

Mary Griggs Burke assembled an unparalleled collection of Asian art — more than one thousand Japanese, Chinese and Korean masterworks spanning five millennia — between 1963 and

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Japanese Kagura theater Kabuki - traditional Japanese opera, more similar to the Chinese then Europen opera