Washi Tape Your Pencils and Notebooks

DIY Washi Tape Notebooks and Pencils

DIY washi tape ideas to inspire you! We'll also explain what washi tape is and where to buy it. DIY Washi Tape Ideas First, what is washi tape?

washi tape cups

Washi tape decorated plastic glasses for a party. Did this, and not sure how they got their tape straight on a sloped glass, so I just put little swaths of washi tape for names to be written onto punch cups.

Washi tape

Washi Bandages Stripes Polka Dot Bandage Washi by PrettyStrips

マスキングテープ活用法「手作りラッピング」アイデア集 | iemo[イエモ] | リフォーム&インテリアまとめ情報

Kikki k :: In celebration of the art of gift wrapping, we collaborated with three wonderful creatives to present their take on a beautifully wrapped gift.



marron*さん 「マステでラッピングタイ*」のつくりかた


貼るだけで簡単♪ マスキングテープと紙コップでアドベントカレンダー

貼るだけで簡単♪ マスキングテープと紙コップでアドベントカレンダー

やっぱりスゴイ!マスキングテープでリメイク10選 | iemo[イエモ] | リフォーム&インテリアまとめ情報

These are Washi Tape paperclip bookmarks. I think this could be done with fabric easily enough and a good way to use up scraps! These are Washi Tape paperclip bookmarks.

washi tape bottles

Endless colour/pattern possibilities with all the masking tapes out there

引き出しに眠ったマスキングテープをかわいく活用しましょ☆ マステ使い倒しアイディアまとめ - NAVER まとめ

Duh why didn't I think of that. Washi Tape Cord Labels – Organize your charging cords by using washi tape identification tags.

マスキングテープ活用法「手作りラッピング」アイデア集 | iemo[イエモ] | リフォーム&インテリアまとめ情報

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