Beaver Pencil Sharpener

"The humorous Kastor beaver-shaped pencil sharpener ravenously ingests pencils and doubles as a paper weight. The chrome-plated sharpener was created by Columbian designer Rodrigo Torres for Italian houseware company Alessi." It's sad I want this

Jellyfish Lamps

The Jellyfish Pendant Lamp Design - There are some ways to create a beautiful room, one of the way invites a decorative lamp. a person who really love diving, this Pendant lamp is suit to apply in your room. The jellyfish forms is reflect

Bookworm Chair

Bookworm wrap-around chair beckons bibliophiles.The Bookworm is a chair that surrounds the reader with their library, literally.The Bookworm from Dutch design firm Atelier 010 is a single piece of furniture that combines a chair and bookcase in one.

Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

IBM & Ogilvy France Create Ads With A New Purpose in its latest "People For Smarter Cities"

Heat Sensitive Table

Designer Jay Watson’s thermochromic table leaves behind temporary telltale watermarks wherever it detects heat. (via cubebreaker)

The Sand Clock

The Sand Clock

The Poetic Sand Clock by Studio Ayaskan an"inventive f the ephemeral naturel time passing similar an sand-based timepiece the hur g lass

Ripple Vase

Japanese product design studio Oodesign has working on these amazing ripple vases that float on water. "Like a ripple ,"Floating Vase" is a bud vase that floats. Once on water, the vase becomes ind.

Rewrap takes sustainable a step further with a compostable bag

Rewrap takes sustainable a step further with a compostable bag

rewrap debuts compostable tree bag at dutch design week 2015 the minimalist satchel is completely devoid of any non-natural or toxic materials, and can be safely composted at the end of its long life.


Standing desks are very popular nowadays and the Altwork Station aims to capitalize on this trend. It allows users to stand, sit, or recline in order to ensure they remain comfortable and productive.

Stair Rover Skateboard

Stair-Rover is raising funds for Stair-Rover - Surf the city on an longboard on Kickstarter! Stair-Rover is a longboard/skateboard made to surf the city. Its chassis is designed for urban terrain and glides down stairs

handmade telephone

handmade telephone