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Stick Man Bottle Opener : Your helpful new best friend.

Made simply from bent steel wire. A pocketable gift designed by Spark & Rocket for SUCK UK

Giant Chrome T-Rex Installed on the Seine River in Paris by Philippe Pasqua

Life-Size T-Rex Skeleton Pops Up in Paris: A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture sits atop the platform of Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches by the Seine River in Paris, France. Created by sculptor Philippe Pasqua

endless rain record

endless rain record by kyouei design from japan // The phonograph endlessly plays the sound of rain and raindrops from the circular continuous grooves.

Aurora Borealis Heat Changing Mug

"ThinkGeek is featuring a magical Aurora Borealis Heat changing coffee mug that shows a beautiful image of the northern lights on the side of the coffee cup when it is filled with hot liquid.

Miniature Astronomy Lockets That Hide The Universe Insid

culturenlifestyle: “ Miniature Oil Paintings Inspired by Astronomy on Rustic Lockets by Khara Leone New York-based artist Khara Leone hand paints from scratch miniature enamel paintings. Inspired by stargazing and our solar system, Leone’s.


Tracy Johnson is not a professional photographer, but that hasn't stopped her from documenting the beauty in her own backyard. Most people start off by snapping simple photos of flowers, sunsets, and other stationary things, but Tracy went for something a

Hidenobu Suzuki Captured Spring In Japan

landscape-photo-graphy: “The Enchanting Japanese Spring Photographed by Hidenobu Suzuki Japanese beautician and amateur landscape photographer Hidenobu Suzuki captures the enthralling beauty of the.