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Double Color Exposure

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Excellent composition, sucks to have "rebel" which is just a brand for "Adiddas

A selection of vintage inspired mixed media photo collages by Felipe Posada. Felipe Posada is a Brooklyn, NYC based mixed media artist. He describes his wo

Farewell, a photo collage from 2015 by digital artist Felipe Posada. The removal of certain elements within the composite gives it a more whimsical feel.

matrix wachowski brothers the classic movies posters minimalistic film

Best Film Posters : matrix wachowski brothers the classic movies posters minimalistic film

Chapters [Album Cover]

Chapters [Album Cover]

Bright and colorful design! By Corita Kent Hygge

(Editorial References) I know this assignment is for 2 colours, but thought I'd include this anyway as good use of block colour and layout experimentation, it appears quite painterly. [Design by Corita Kent]

Comprendre les femmes, c'est du gateau ou pas... ! / By Wad Magazine.

Il était une mignardise

This masthead is very bright bright and vivid, drawing attention to it immidietly, even thøugh it is mostly on a white background. The block at the start makes this masthead very modernized as well as the bold block type is nice

Women of Graphic Design - Allessia Celentano

Cool graphic by Allessia Celentano to depict a William Wagenfeld lamp - Law of Pragnanz - closure