WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA, Sword : 16th Century Japan Steel, iron, gold, lacquer

WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA "Tachi" Sword, Century Japan Steel, iron, gold, lacquer : This the most elegant of weapons over a thousand years of deadly perfection of art and war craft.

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Akihito of Japan

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Akihito of Japan Japanese (ThingsWannLoves, Japan is Amazing!

98 things to do in Kyoto. I want to go there so bad before we leave

Travelers love the thousands of scarlet-colored torii (shrine gates) that lead 2 miles up a mountain to the main Inari shrine: Fushimi Inari Taisha. As Inari is considered the patron of business, each gate was donated by a Japanese business.

Sakura at Meguro river, Tokyo, Japan

A very special friend told me how beautiful Japan was - Winter Sakura ,Meguro River, Japan

Kari-Ebira or Japanese quiver and arrows, Japan, end of Edo

Japanese quiver and arrows, Edo period Or, it would make a fine umbrella holder.

Mountain Lodge Chiiori in Iya Valley, Tokushima, Japan - Renovated old thatched farmhouse.

Chiiori House in Iya Valley, Tokushima Japan|篪(chi)庵(iori) - Lost Japan - Chiiori (House of the Flute, a traditional Japanese thatch-roofed house)

That's how they do cruises in Japan!...stealthy but cool

Tokyo Bay Cruise Discover Tokyo through cruising at the Tokyo Bay. It’s a unique experience seeing different views of Tokyo on a boat cruise.