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I forst bumbed into them in a crowd. "Do you know who killed this man?" My fave was plastered on the paper, but I hadnt died as far as I knew. Then, after I responded no, a knife slid into me and they replied "I did.

Osomatsu-kun/#1959610 - Zerochan

Osomatsu-Kun (traditional and modern mafia, my god this is beautiful)


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Gladion doesn't have Silvally in the anime yet, but this is still amazing!

black_fur gladio_(pokemon) highres lycanroc male_focus midnight_lycanroc moon pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm pokemon_sm_(anime) red_eyes red_fur silvally tongue tongue_out torn_clothes umbreon white_fur

Pokémon x Osomatsu-san



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He may look innocent and cute, but he is secretly planning evil things to his brothers.