Young Wear - Identity

I fell in love with this logo as soon as I saw it. So cleve how the initials of the company, Y & W are used here to create the look of a shirt collar. Very simplistic and dynamic.

山のくじら舎 もっと見る

山のくじら舎 japanese logo design [what if i designed marks / tattoo-style representing specific things?

An infographic that defines the step by step logo design process along with dos and don’ts of the creative designprocess.

Success Story of Logo Designing - an infographic to outline a road map of logo designing process.

Gravity Brew Co. Branding

Gravity Brew Co. Branding By Erik Brandt. Lessons in Creative Japanese Type Layout Graphic design inspiration

russion-british production company / ancitis.

Simple outline drawing of iconic British and Russian building to link to the text

Evolution of the Airline Logo

Airline Logos Over Time: Fun With Airplane History

There are a lot of airlines out there, each with its own logo. How many of these logos would you recognize though? While you might be familiar with several logos (even for one company), the airline industry has a history … Continue reading →