Really love these kumiko patterns, beutiful craftmanship

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The Japanese studio Torafu Architects designed Soft Block as part of DesignTide Tokyo 2011. Using Fine Revo, a special material used in bedding products, they created soft cushions inspired by concrete block found in typical Japanese neighborhoods. The modular pieces can be composed into a variety of configurations.

Soft Blocks Furniture 3 Soft Blocks furniture made of soft brick Torafu Architects Soft Blocks modular furniture INTERIOR furniture DESIGN bricks

This hand made jewelry/valet box features a detailed walnut and eastern white pine kumiko latticework lid, which lifts off to reveal a sliding tray, perfect for small jewelry or a watch. It has been rubbed with a high grade furniture oil and polished with

The screen comprised more than 2,000 individual kumiko pieces. The smallest was less than 5mm long, and the thinnest 1.1mm.

The screen comprised more than individual kumiko pieces. The smallest was less than long, and the thinnest - Kumiko ·«ǂ

Mini Kumiko: Wood chips carefully selected and grounded are sliced to thin pieces with precision. It is then elaborately assembled chip by chip to construct the Kumiko. The Mini Kumiko was originally designed as an architectural sample. However, many people admired the beauty of the traditional wood craft beyond its intended purpose. Today in Japan, the mini kumiko is used in various ways such as tea cup coasters and dish mats.

The “Kumiko” woodwork technique was developed in Japan during the Asuka Period AD), and has been passed down generation after generation. Wood chips carefully selected and grounded are sli.

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