Congruent and Colorful Scarf #modcloth

On-the-Go Cozy Circle Scarf

Congruent and Colorful Scarf. Above your sheer, colorful scarf, you wear a sparkling smile attributed to all of the supporters at your art show, and the chance to show off the paintings youve created.

Obiekt sakralny w nowoczesnym i jednocześnie spartańskim stylu

Tadao Ando

Space for meditation Tadao Ando - I was lucky enough to visit this one in 1998 (UNESCO building, Paris)

Visualización en Arquitectura: Pixela

Space For Meditation by architect Tadao Ando. It was built in 1995 in Paris- UNESCO complex for the anniversary of United Nations. The ground is paved with granite slabs from Hiroshima that were irradiated during the explosion of the H-bomb in August,