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Brochure Design Nice to see big money budgets for graphic design are still out there in the formless substance.

디자인 나스 (designnas) 학생 광고 편집 디자인 - 리플렛 포트폴리오 (advertisement leaflet)입니다. 키워드 : brand, ad, advertisement, leaflet, pamphlet, catalog, brochure, poster, branding, info graphic, design, paper, graphics, portfolio 디자인나스의 작품은 모두 학생작품입니다. all rights reserved designnas

I LOVE this brochure. The cover is what really caught my eye. I love how the cover has cut out leaves with the the photo of leaves showing through.

Pizza delivery menu

The shape of the menu is creative, attractive and successful because it advertises the type of food that is being sold without evening reading the menu. You KNOW this is a pizza place!

Ejemplos de diseño de menús para restaurantes

Ejemplos de diseño de menús para restaurantes

横浜市都市デザイン室 リーフレットデザイン〈アートディレクション、グラフィックデザイン〉

横浜市都市デザイン室 リーフレットデザイン〈アートディレクション、グラフィックデザイン〉

cool brochure design

Banana leaf folder printed on textured paper Note - Like a ketupat, could use this in the packaging of leaflets.

quality matters by Francesca Scalon, via Behance

The Big Mac is reproduced on a leaflet where each page describes the quality of the different ingredients composing it.