Kengo Kuma.

- Kengo Kuma Talk Show poster by Daikoku Design Institute. I chose this poster because I like the simplicity of the design and how the bottom text is staggered instead of right or left aligned.

Patti McGee. LIFE.

Hit the Deck: LIFE Goes Skateboarding

I own this 1965 copy of Life magazine with the feature article titled 'The menace of skateboarding' with Pat McGee girls champion on the front cover. I believe this was the first documentation of skateboarding in print.

Perfect layout design

Another example of a two tone book cover design, such a simple method but looks…

Swiss. Study.

Awesome showcase of graphic design and beautiful typography from Marius Roosendaal. Marius Roosendaal is a graphic designer from the Netherlands.

Sports Illustrated. Winter Olympics 1964.

Fantastic Sports Illustrated cover featuring Buddy Werner for the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.


graphic, lines, poster Student Graphic Design Fold - Laura Knoops Graphic element - color scheme, good use of line and white space Graphic D.

The Cognitivie Puzzles Ogilvy campaign for IBM Software (Sue Murphy)

The Cognitivie Puzzles Ogilvy campaign for IBM Software, yum! Illos by HORT Carl De Torres.