Cozy sleeping nook

The Weekend

Teensy little nook that doubles as a 'guest room' in this house. What a great idea for small spaces. Lights are from Target and the bed is Ikea.

Minimal Japanese Home 10

An Ultra Minimal Home In A Very Compact Space

'House of Hiyoshi' is a rectangle ultra minimal home in a very compact space, designed by a Japanese firm, EANA The three-storey timber frame structure organizes its spaces by manipulating floor-to.

Clean and crisp bathroom vanity, sink, faucet, mirror. Nice combination of materials. Black floor.

Minimalist bathroom features black beveled mirror on stark white walls paired with wall-mounted, gold faucet over stone vessel sink atop white floating vanity topped with a mixture of black terracotta and lava stone tiles.

April and May| danish dream var ultimaFecha = '22.1.14'

Built in shelving in the home of designer Marie von Lotzbeck and photographer Jacob Kirk in North Zealand in Denmark.

Commune by the Great Wall in Beijing, China by Gary Chang/Edge Design Institute

One of my favorites, Kengo Kuma. Tea at his Great (Bamboo) Wall house, China.

( Minimalism is saved from oppressive austerity in this "meditation chamber" by the use of the hand-knotted Pak-Agra (Peshawar) rug. As Freud's couch proved, REAL handmade oriental rugs are a wonderful base from which to commence journeys of inner exploration.

Conversion and extension of an Air raid Bunker in Berlin for the Collection of contemporary art and living spaces was designed by Realarchitektur for the art

Minimize Bending Front-loading washing machines save on water, but leaning over to load and unload them can be hard on your back. To eliminate that problem, raise the appliances to a comfortable height on cabinetry that also provides drawer storage. Some front-loading models now come with optional 15-inch-tall pedestals that raise them to a comfortable working height.

Laundry Room Design Basics

These small laundry room ideas will help you be more efficient at this everyday chore. Banish washday blues with our small laundry room ideas (stackable washer/dryer, anyone?) that optimize every inch of available space.

Refurbished Wood Slats

Creating Remarkable Accents Walls without Paint

Glorious Rustic Bedroom Ideas for Master Bedroom Interior Style: Sleek Contemporary Bedroom Design Applied Floating Bed And Cream Carpet On Darkwood Flooring And Plank Headboard Design ~ SFXit Design Bedroom Inspiration