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an open garage with a truck in it
Your partner for translucent construction elements.
Rodeca, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of translucent components, produces innovative solutions for architectural highlights. With their translucent building components, you can optimally use daylight in your building and create a pleasant indoor climate. #rodeca #LBEpanels #polycarbonatefacades
an aerial view of a winding road in the middle of a forest with water and trees
Design in the moment with Lumion 2024. Elevate your creative process with real-time ray tracing.
Lumion 2024 is here – a leading rendering software for architects, visualizers, and designers. Compatible with all major CAD software and equipped with real-time ray tracing, better-than-ever performance, and an intuitive UI, Lumion makes rendering fun and keeps you in your creative flow. Lumion 2024 is ideal for interior, exterior, and urban projects. Discover Lumion 2024. #architecture #rendering #visualization #interiordesign #urbandesign #landscapedesign #interiordesign #archilovers #archviz
two pictures show the inside and outside of a house with trees in the back ground
Branca House Extension / Piacesi Arquitetos Associados
While building a warehouse to accommodate materials and workers for his country house project, architect Júnior Piacesi seized the chance to craft a loft within the space, providing a tranquil retreat amidst nature. Thus, the Casa Branca Annex came to fruition. #ArchitectureProjects #ArchitecturalDesign #Cabindesign #ArchitecturalInspiration #ArchitecturalPhotography #Mountaincabin #Cabin #Mountainhouse
Fuzhou Teahouse By Neri & Hu Design And Research Office
an outside view of a house with trees and bushes
Unley Park by Georgie Shepherd Interior Design | Living space
Unley Park by Georgie Shepherd Interior Design | Living space
TD House / Skye Maunsell Studio + Jordi Veciana + Juan Gurrea Rumeu
Situated within the residential district of L´Ampolla, this project strives to blend into the local ambiance while standing out distinctively. Rather than conforming to its surroundings, it boldly interacts with the existing architectural landscape. The fresh residence emerges as an independent structure, reclaiming the essence of heritage while infusing it with modern sensibilities.
Redefining Rust: Corten Steel in Modern Architecture
#Corten #steel's weathered appearance adds an authentic, rustic charm to exterior design, while its durability makes it a favoured choice for contemporary #facades seeking both aesthetic appeal and longevity. Dive into our selection of projects involving this unique material and let us know which one is your favourite! #cortensteel
the interior and exterior of a modern house
Feline Ski Chalet / Atelier RZLBD
Feline #Chalet, a ski #lodge located amidst the picturesque countryside of Collingwood, offers stunning views of two mountains, the Blue Mountain to the northwest and the Osler Bluff to the southwest, as well as a tranquil creek that meanders towards Georgian Bay on the eastern edge. #ArchitectureProjects #ArchitecturalDesign #Cabindesign #ArchitecturalInspiration #ArchitecturalPhotography #Mountaincabin #Cabin #Mountainhouse
an architecturally designed house in the middle of trees
Toro House / Estudio Carroll
This house, with approximately 250 square meters of construction, is located in La Barra, a region characterized by rugged terrain. The building's geometry adapts to the shape of the land; two circles with the same radius were projected to intersect in such a way that the center of one coincides with the development of the other. #ArchitectureProjects #ArchitecturalDesign #ArchitecturalInspiration #ModernArchitecture #ArchitecturalPhotography
the inside and outside of a modern house
Residence In The Galilee By Golany Architects
three different views of the same building, each with its own roof and side walls
Islamic Religious And Cultural Center In Ljubljana By Bevk Perović Arhitekti
The project includes a religious school, cultural and office facilities, employee apartments, a restaurant, and Slovenia's inaugural #mosque, all complemented by underground parking. Learn more at #architonic #architecture #design #religiousarchitecture #churcharchitecture #churchdesign #minimalistarchitecture #architecturalphotography
Toy Storey Residence / Wallmakers
In Vadakara, North Kerala, a project emerged focusing on a circular home accessible from all sides, featuring a verandah adorned with toys and old Mangalore tiles. The cantilevered verandah, supported by corbelling toys, encircled the house, eliminating distinct "front" and "back" elevations.
the inside and outside of a modern house
Screen-The Lantern House / Zero Studio
The house is situated within an area adorned with coconut plantations and indigenous flora, characteristic of the serene landscapes of northern Kerala. This peaceful ambiance discourages disruptions and demands a careful approach when considering any modifications or alterations. #ArchitectureProjects #ArchitecturalDesign #ArchitecturalInspiration #ModernArchitecture #ArchitecturalPhotography #Biophilicdesign #Biophilicarchitecture
Abbie - Abbotsford Terrace By Tom Eckersley Architects
Located opposite a verdant park, Abbie #House represents a modern, single-level addition to a pre-existing Victorian weatherboard residence in Abbotsford, #Melbourne. Featuring a generously proportioned living space boasting lofty ceilings and expansive windows overlooking the rear courtyard, the interior is flooded with abundant natural light, evoking a sense of grandeur within a confined footprint.
Line Solgaard's newest #cabin endeavor, named "Kjerringholmen," is situated on a tiny island in Hvaler, Norway. The clients purchased this private island with the intention of constructing a vacation retreat. The cabin epitomizes the notion that larger homes don't necessarily equate to a higher quality of life. Despite its modest size of just 63 square meters, clever design ensures ample usable space.