Face cookies♡

Face cookies ♡ this idea! Imagine making turkey, pilgrim and indian faces for Thanksgiving or baby faces for a baby shower.

ZUC By Miriam Villaplana #packaging #watermelon #pink

The hierarchy of this bottle label is wonderful. I love the play on shape with the bottle shape as well. The logo is centered, tall, and simple. Everything works so well together.

Nikka Whisky (Japan)

Nikka whisky - This Japanese whisky from the award-winning Nikka Distillery has a floral aroma with a touch of orange peel and apricots combined with the delicious taste of boiled sweets and spices.

Cheese Paper Roll

Cheese Paper Roll

This cheese paper seriously works! Taking cheese as a hostess gift? Protect it in style with these awesome cheese wrappers from Fresher Cheeses to keep cheese fresh!

Vintage  Paper Bag

Fun yellow and white stripes with green print - inspiration for invitations or notecards?

Bread of the dead - Oaxaca, Mexico... omg, when you need to bite someone's head off. xoPiper

Pan de muertos, Bread for the dead (Dia de los Muertos celebration)