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mur vegetal mobil avec aquarium à sa base qui recupere l'eau.

Here is an idea for a vertical garden in a classroom (plus a fish tank). This could also work in other places -- homes, places of worship, community centres, etc. Maybe even outdoors? With a mesh covering over the fish tank, the cats couldn't get in.

NATURE DESIGN vous propose la création d'un écosystème complet(...)un mur végétal et d'un aquarium cet écosystème fonctionne sur le principe de l'aquaponie.

Aquaponics and green wall - Design Nature - this isn't far off from what I envisioned - if you add rocks and a waterfall to the wall and expand the aquarium into an indoor (or porch) pond .

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Led terrariums-this answered a question on my mind - did LED lights work well on plants -they must!

Cement Architectural Pot with One Planter

Cement Planters # Staircase design Planter # Planters # Cement Architectural Plant Cube Planter I - Set of 2 Planters, Troughs & Cachepots, Artisan Living, - Modish Store

hanging fish bowl. So awesome!

Brighten a blank wall with this unique hanging fish bowl! cute for a kids room or play room!

Beautiful blown glass fish bowl

Reinterpreted design of the classic fishbowl, evoking the feel of a mountain range. Designed by Aruliden for Gaia and Gino, handmade glass fishbowl with a super cool textured interior landscape. Fish not included.

Unique Fish Tank - esp for Under The Sea or Beach Themed Rooms

Fish Bubble FISHBUBBLE Fish Bubble - deluxe Acrylic wall mounted fish tank W/bonuses Manufacturer: vandue Country of Origin: China


Are you interested in our lightbulb vase for home decoration? With our marimo moss ball terrarium you need look no further.

我が家のボトルアクアリウム、復活します! どや〜(笑) 嘘です。すみません。。 こちらの素敵なボトルアクアリウ…

我が家のボトルアクアリウム、復活します! どや〜(笑) 嘘です。すみません。。 こちらの素敵なボトルアクアリウ…