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Des sorcières DIY à créer avec vos enfants !

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Ghost Garland

31 Kids’ Halloween Projects To Build Up The Excitement For Your Little Ghosts!

Getting ready for a Halloween party? This simple ghost garland craft project, courtesy of Aunt Annie’s Crafts, will delight your guests. Embellish ghosts with different expressions to add maximum spook or snicker.

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The curtain rod can be used for drying laundry. Open shelves beside the sink and under it.

Spiral ghost craft for kids to make for Halloween

Spiral Ghost Craft with Cutting Practice for Preschoolers

Spiral crafts are great cutting practice for preschoolers! This is a spiral ghost craft fun for the kids to make for the Halloween season!


Webbed Window Covering from Homes and Gardens. Turn a front door window into a spider's clever trap with black craft tape. A fun and easy decoration for your door. would be a great addition for trick-or-treaters!


大人から子供まで楽しめる!ハロウィーンパーティーフードまとめ - macaroni


ハロウィンまでの試作に☆ホットケーキミックスで簡単!可愛い!ハロウィンクッキー♪|MERY [メリー]

Fun Halloween Balloons Halloween Chocolate Pretzel Stick Spiderwebs Instead of raisins I would do chocolate chips!

Ping Pong Ball Toss. 2 Raffle Tickets. Three tries. Whatever the can says, you win! Things That Can Be Donated: Ping Pong Balls, Small Candy, Small Almond Joys, King Size Almond Joys

Halloween Tossing Game Get ready for a tossing game. Arrange the cans on a tiered shelf with designated points. Provide the kids with table tennis balls to toss into the cans