Cake decor - fruit and flowers - chocolate vertical birthday cake with raspberry mascarpone frosting

lovely and simple cake decoration design for a birthday , alternative wedding or special celebration cake easy to do and can be used on any cake of your favourite recipe in summer Chocolate vertical birthday cake with raspberry mascarpone frosting

For one day when my boyfriend and I meet up. *sighs* why he gotta live in South Korea. He loves strawberries so I know he'd like this. :3

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Impress your dinner guests with a simple trick: learn how to cut strawberries into roses and be the coolest hostess! Great for Valentine's Day.

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出典: | リングパンを切って間に具を挟めば、ホールケーキのようなサンドイッチの完成。 華やかですね!

出典: | リングパンを切って間に具を挟めば、ホールケーキのようなサンドイッチの完成。 華やかですね!