Bridal #kimono with veil!

Wedding looks are already being submitted for Emperor Kaito's up coming nuptials to Queen Levana of Luna this September on the night of the Full Moon. And there is hope that Her Majesty might use Eastern Commonwealth Fashion

Pokkuri / ぽっくり

ぽっくり(Pokkuri) geta shoes are wooden sandals worn by maiko (apprentice geisha).



和布の和雑貨 ブライダル・成人式・卒業式・七五三の髪飾り 京都西陣おはりばこ

Kimono little girl. Pattern of this kimono is a traditional toy of Japan.


七五三Shichi-Go-San (七五三, lit. "Seven-Five-Three") is a traditional rite of passage…

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和布の和雑貨 ブライダル・成人式・卒業式・七五三の髪飾り 京都西陣おはりばこ

和布の和雑貨 ブライダル・成人式・卒業式・七五三の髪飾り 京都西陣おはりばこ