Dribbble - birds_800_2670px.jpg by Beresnev기본도형을 활용한 캐릭터

I never thought about this before. take a logo you've drawn out, and identify where shapes exist. i also like the fact that there are three images that still references the original

Ski Resort & Snowboarding on Behance

Isometric colorful vector background with ski resort and mountains by filip robert, via Shutterstock

airbnb europe illustrations Airbnb European city illustrations

Airbnb European city illustrations - they distribute rooms but sell cities. Mindfuck, or it is the same way we should go?

way of presenting information. maybe health/wellness sheet with statistics...facts. laminated wall chart???:

The TIME Invention Poll

Way Of Presenting Information Maybe Healthwellness Sheet With Statisticsfacts Laminated Wall Chart 2

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