New Zealand: Golden Bay, Wharariki Beach by Michael Dawes, via Flickr

archway islands at Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay // northwestern corner of the South Island, New Zealand

Many Buddha statue on sunset, India (by Anek Suwannaphoom)

Spiritual/ Meditation journey through India. Top of my Bucket List:) Many Buddha statue on sunset, India (by Anek Suwannaphoom)

4 タイ ラヨーン県 見事なダム これぞ世界の秘境26選!どうやって行くかもわからない絶景


“watershedplus: Fishermen at the bottom of a dam overflow in Rayong, Thailand, picture by Anan Charoenkal. via architecture of doom ”



そこはまるで、絵本の世界。"ツリーハウス@国内"にロマンティックがとまらない | by.S

The Lion Sands Game Reserve, located at the Sabie Sand Reserve in South Africa is an exotic destination for those adventurous travelers that wants to exper



Aukana Buddha, Sri Lanka

The Aukana Buddha in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, dates to King Dhatusena's reign AD). The statue is over 40 ft tall and was carved from the face of a massive rock.


Designed by New Wave band DEVO and worn in concert for years, the geeky DEVO Energy Dome has emerged as a key touchstone of late century pop culture.

[Country] Tokei-ji temple in Kamakura 江戸時代まで駆け込み寺、縁切り寺といわれ、尼寺だった東慶寺の金仏。

[Country] Tokei-ji temple in Kamakura 江戸時代まで駆け込み寺、縁切り寺といわれ、尼寺だった東慶寺の金仏。


17 Impressively Surreal Buildings Around the world Hang Naga Guesthouse( Crazy House) .

海外旅行世界遺産 砂浜 フレーザー島の絶景写真画像ランキング オーストラリア

Photography Tip—How To Compose Photos Instead of Just Framing Them. Read the short article and you will be on your way to becoming a better photographer.

戦争にのみ込まれた庭園、世界遺産「緑地公園施設ムスカウパーク」の過去を知ったら行きたくなった! | wondertrip 旅行・観光マガジン


戦争にのみ込まれた庭園、世界遺産「緑地公園施設ムスカウパーク」の過去を知ったら行きたくなった! | wondertrip 旅行・観光マガジン