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/Odori/#1561134 - Zerochan

arms up bass clef baton black eyes black hair black legwear black skirt building cable cityscape clarinet curtains drum drumsticks french horn from side instrument kneehighs loafers looking back musical note no nose odori (super normal) open mouth or

/Hagiwara Rin/#1401321 - Zerochan

bare_arms bare_shoulders book brown_eyes brown_hair butterfly dress flower hagiwara_rin hair_flower hair_ornament long_hair lying on_bed on_side original pillow pillow_hug pink_rose rose sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo very_long_hair white_dress wink

anime girl art

Aww getting a carnival feel from this! It is really well done and giving me ideas on what to sketch next

Sword Art Online II This is Special announcement for any fans don't know about this though most fans do this is just a reminder that Sword art Online II English dub version will airing onToonami (176) is 3/28/15 at 1:00 eastern standard time.i'm really stoked for this live stream/TV or how ever you are planing on watching it hope you guys are too

The latest episode of top VRMMOFPS anime Sword Art Online 2 has picked up after its abrupt cliffhanger ending, with poor Shinon being subjected to further