love it when the actual product creates the color (differentiation) system, blending seamlessly with the labels...

'by Hoogesteger

This bottle design is clever and simple. The fruit color dipping in the white label are the fruit that are in the drink. The different flavors have different colors and fruit shapes but still all look like they belong to the same brand

Izze: This is another design that makes the flavour of the drinks clear. The idea of the designs are simple yet interesting

Lately I have been drinking a really good sparkling fruit drink by the brand Izze. I love the flavors of their fruit juice drinks as well as the packaging. They would look great at a party in a gal…

Aloe Valley Drinks Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery -

Aloe Valley Drinks

Vocation Brewery - Craft Lager packaging design by Robot Food -

Vocation Brewery - Craft Lager

Vocation Brewery and Robot Food have collaborated once more to unleash an exciting new craft lager range for beer lovers. The design is a bold and fresh take on craft beer, complete with a bold color palette and brushstroke textures.