illustration of a red deep sea octopus for sale on etsy • sailing ship high seas • red octopus art • nautical maritime theme

I LOVE octopus/novelty art. But I find myself drawing these suckers on a regular basis. illustration of a red deep sea octopus for sale on etsy

Miss Smartie Pants!: Line art

the object is flat paper to sketch the outline. draw a straight line, the to draw upward arc encountered previously sketched the outline of objects. change the color pen, repeat the previous step online, repeat Step Then painting appeared!

PSYCHOTROPIC ILLUSTRATIONS - Daniel Mackie is an award-winning illustrator who started practicing his craft in 1995. He creates a prismatic/psychotropic visions in watercolor – striking and engagingly esoteric. Each animals richly colored habitat is depicted within its own form, in a style influenced by traditional Japanese prints, vintage Chinese wallpaper, and Art Deco.

Animal art greetings cards, prints and coasters by award winning Artist Daniel Mackie. The DM Collection is inspired by Japanese prints and Art deco

Smeared Wildlife Silhouettes - Robert Farkas Digitally Paints Inky Animal Illustration

Smeared Wildlife Silhouettes

Rorschach by Robert Farkas Canvas Art Wall Picture, Museum Wrapped with Black Sides, 11 x 12 inches ** To view further for this item, visit the image link.