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Lolita Lifestyle - Princess Porcelain  - image

This funny adventure happened at "Edinburgh Festival Fringe". Everybody knows that lolitas always do some kind of show: catwalk for admires or photo-sessions for tourists.

Lolita story from myself! xD

I'm not that interested in fashion BUT I find loilta fashion inspiring because it adds a whimsical feel to everyday life that is so dull ya know?

Lolita Lifestyle - Charlotte - image

This is mock-tragic true life moment of Charlotte Bentley. I am pretty sure that also in this occasion your Lolita attitude was perfect!

Thank you to Meshya Nightingale to share with me this weird and no sense adventure that she lived! As everybody knows Lolita and Frozen are (almost) the same thing u_u

Lolita Lifestyle - Meshya - image

Meshya Nightingale knows the most important thing in a Lolita Life: Lolita is passion, Lolita is suffering for every wallet.

Lolita Lifestyle - Deborah - image

Another (dis)adventure from Deborah Luna! As everybody knows, Lolitas are all excellent actresses and they are going to act in every places and every time with their fancy dresses.