Más momentos TED en nuestra semana de comedias en la Mediateca de #cafedunordun

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Just grab your thunder buddy and sing these magic words. fuck you thunder! you can suck my dick! you cant get me thunder cuz youre just gods farts *pfft*. - ted

Thunder Buddies for life. you thunder! you can suck my dick! you cant hurt me cause your just gods farts! YOU THUNDER! YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK! and then this happened Ted thunder awes

11.5.13: Ted (2012) - This really isn't a very good movie at all.  But I did laugh. ★

Ted (2012)

Ted - Comedy, Fantasy - From the creator of Family Guy comes a movie about John Bennett, whose wish of bringing his teddy bear to life came true. Now, John must decide between keeping the relationship with the teddy bear or his girlfriend, Lori.

Ted, i wish you were a Panda

Sometimes I like to imagine living the life of a freewheeling hobo. Just me and my bindle, riding the rails to adventure. And my motto? “Have bong, will travel.

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