Huge sculpture by NARA Yoshitomo, Japan

奈良美智の制作による高さ8.5メートルの巨大な作品、「あおもり犬」。 ”Aomori-ken”, which was made by Nara Yoshitomo, is a white and cute dog. It is 8.5 meter high.

"Aomori-ken"/ Yoshitomo Nara/あおもり犬帽子プロジェクトGiant Dog - Yoshitomo Nara.The two storey dog is at the Aomori Museum in Japan. He doesn't always wear a hat; not sure why he has one one this day.

"Aomori-ken"/ Yoshitomo Nara/あおもり犬帽子プロジェクト

PupCup  Combining the iconic images of Yoshitomo Nara's Lonesome Puppy (Dog From Your Childhood) and the Cup Kids, the PupCup head and body rotate in opposites directions creating a remarkable kinetic object.

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