wordsandeggs: “Important” - Fabulous geometric collage by Fred One Litch. Via the-life-enigmatic: important by Fred One Litch on Fl

Boho Room LUV!   @thedailybasics ♥♥♥

Bohemian decor is the ideal mix of diverse and fun without making a decent attempt — or possibly giving the idea that way. Ace the easygoing chic look by perusing these bohemian-style rooms, from loose living spaces to offbeat .

boho prints

boho prints

Sweet Dreams: 10 Inventive Beds You Can Make Yourself

First person: Refinancing to save $51,000 and pay off our mortgage early

DIY: George Nelson Case Study Bed I like the simplicity of the bed but my shins may require a soft bumper on those edges

Love that pop with the pink rug

overdyed rug in coat room - pink?, yes, like this rug, but pinning for the FURNITURE!

Vintage Hilltribe Davenport Ottoman- Intricately upholstered and sewn

Make a big ottoman -- Vintage Hilltribe Davenport Ottoman- Intricately upholstered and sewn, this Ottoman is the perfect show piece for your living room/entertaining area in your home.

Destination Northwest Arkansas | Allen's Blog - P. Allen Smith Garden Home

You're headed up to Bentonville, Arkansas to visit the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

chocolate and pink rug

Avalisa Wonder Wool Rug (also comes in blue, green and purple)

Decorating with a pink rug + pink DIY accents + rug giveaway @Mandy Bryant Dewey Generations One Roof

The Pink Rug that is rocking our family room + rug giveaway

Decorating around a pink rug + adding pink accents + mohawk rug giveaway Dewey Generations One Roof