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❤️CM❤️恋活・婚活キューピットの「めぐりあい-do」 ★エキテンランキング静岡県第1位 ★紹介会員数は53,000人 ➡︎ ➡︎

❤️CM❤️恋活・婚活キューピットの「めぐりあい-do」 ★エキテンランキング静岡県第1位 ★紹介会員数は53,000人 ➡︎ ➡︎

アートを着る!個性的な柄の袴で最高の1日に♡|MERY [メリー]

Two toned graphic hakama ensemble > Is it really a hakama though (it looks like a hanbok)?


Colorful Wedding Kimono from Scena D’uno 2010

Traditional Japanese wedding kimono: white uchikake kimono from Scena D'uno 2010 collection, designed and modeled by Uno Kanda

季節の色に映える白無垢の多彩さ。京都で結婚式。京都和婚。Bride of Japan. Beautiful white kimono.

It is typical in Japan to hold either a Shinto or a Buddhist wedding. This bride wears the traditional Japanese kimono ensemble of the Shinto. Flying Japanese crane motifs on the kimono represent long life and good luck.