utterly breathtaking! Honokohau National Historic Park, Big Island, Hawaii.

We need to protect places like this - the utterly breathtaking Honokohau National Historic Park, Big Island, Hawaii.

屋久島(鹿児島) Yakushima, Kagoshima, Japan

Sit in this magical place feeling the filtered sun on your face. The only sounds are that of peace, the sound of birdsong, the sound of water moving over stones, the quiet rustling of the leaves.

Santorini, Greece

Somewhere in Santorini, Greece:) Beautiful. Imagine swimming in that pool with this view.heaven:) This is exactly why I want to visit Greece!

Take me here!

White sand beaches, clear blue waters, and a super awesome tree swing that swings out over the ocean waves . Beautiful Tropical Paradise Z

日本一の絶景が望めるカフェ「アマンダンブルー」夏季限定の贅沢を鎌倉で! | RETRIP

日本一の絶景が望めるカフェ「アマンダンブルー」夏季限定の贅沢を鎌倉で! | RETRIP


This is so beautiful. Like heaven on earth. I want to go to Italy! Patio View, Lake Como, Italy photo via pat



It is no secret among my friends that I love Japan! Sometimes people ask me why it is that I love visiting Japan so much, and it is something I have been

ただ何もせずのんびりしに行きたいタイの楽園『サムイ島』まとめ - NAVER まとめ

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