I know you don't like pink, but the collar is amazing. Large pink lotus leaf collar wool long coat---Pink (You can never have too many coats)

Grace and Audrey.  Gorgeous.

Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly backstage at the 1956 Academy Awards movie star vintage fashion icons dress white evening gowns


This beautiful train track is naturally covered by green trees and makes a tunnel. Located in Kleven, Ukraine, this train tunnel is named as. “Tunnel of Love” by local people. These incredible photos were taken by Oleg Gordienko.

Someday I'll own a pair of these...

Dorothy's Red Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz. There's no place like home Toto!

beautiful door <3

Beautiful door - love the colorful light shadows passing through the glass! (Pantone slide swatch glass door by Armin Blasbichler Studio) Thinking this would look cool on my front windows

Heeeeee!!! <3

So precious. 30 Beautiful and Adorable Photos Of Cute Babies. Will put a smile on your face and in your heart.


Image detail for -candle, lantern, light, photography, snow - inspiring picture on Favim .

off the shoulder of Orion- wouldn't it be amazing to see this in person?

Orion's Rainbow of Infrared Light:: This new view of the Orion Nebula highlights fledgling stars hidden in the gas and clouds. It shows infrared observations taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and the European Space Agency's Herschel mission,

From Ballerina Needs

Another of Canada's best ballerinas, Evelyn Hart. I studied at the school where she was first introduced to ballet in London Ontario!