Timeline /// Infographic Timeline on Behance

I chose this because its a timeline. Timelines are used to tell stories. Timeline /// Infographic Timeline on Behance

POLICE #2 on Behance

Really like this layout and use of image and grid. Nice timeline idea POLICE by Yuriy Mihalchenko, via Behance


Oh, I LOVE this color palette! nice amount of space, really cute illustration, really easy to transpose and to use Lansinoh colors!

The Best Times to Tweet, Pin, Tumble and Post (Infographic)

To help you out the folks at surepayroll created an infographic, offering some social media tips that help you determine the best and worst time to outreach.

Front Page Fingerprint is a data visualization made with the Processing language.- Visual language on journey map

FRONT PAGE FINGERPRINT by Derek Chan, a data visualization made with the Processing language. The formal elements of the New York Times front page such as white space, headline size and length, body copy, imagery and color palette are shown for each day.


Data visualization infographic & Chart Visualization of the world problem

Punchcut: iPad and Android Tablet Timeline Infographic 2011

Infographic: The Great Tablet Flood of 2011 (Web devices grow by the day, thats why responsive design [ is an imperative!

aworks adds garble house structure to samsung's shareXperience lab in seoul

Samsung Galaxy Cottage is a "test lab" for an electronics design team. This workspace was designed by Design Aworks, a Seoul-based company.