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Please help. My people have been persecuted for centuries because of their appearance. We mean you no harm. We are a peaceful loving people who wish to live in harmony. If only you understood. Please give what you can, food, water, money.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

Tangled concept art by Claire Keane---The original concept for the movie was that it was supposed to look like this. Like a moving painting. It sort of devolved into its finished form, which isnt bad, the movie is great. But man, what could have been.

Iris Grace and her cat Thula. See Iris Grace painting on Facebook

Amazing Kitten Helps Artist Girl With Autism Looking at little Iris Halmshaw’s photographs, you wouldn’t think that she was any different than any other little girl.

Provided by Woman's Day. Painting by autistic 5 year old Iris Grace.

Provided by Woman's Day Iris Grace an autistic little girl paints in the style of monet has sold her works in Europe and South America and uses the money to pay for her therapy!