Japanese beckoning cat, Maneki neko 招き猫

Japanese 'beckoning cat' Maneki-neko, which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. Me: give me LUCKKKKK!

Kokeshi dolls. There were a few of these in my house growing up and I loved them. Wish I had one for my house now.

Some historians argue that these were intially analogues for lost children either through failed pregnancies or infanticide which was a common practice throughout Japanese history.

何かを挑戦する方へのプレゼントに かわいい「六原張り子の起き上がり小法師」 | 阪急阪神百貨店・ライフスタイルニュース

何かを挑戦する方へのプレゼントに かわいい「六原張り子の起き上がり小法師」 | 阪急阪神百貨店・ライフスタイルニュース


Japanese Traditional HINA Wooden Kokeshi Dolls Prince and Princess/Made in Japan


Togatta style traditional kokeshi doll - a gorgeous piece of this woodcraft from japan.

Matrioshka japonesa en otras palabras:  木村飲料 : こけしラムネ

Matrioshka japonesa en otras palabras: 木村飲料 : こけしラムネ

Kokeshi Adventures こけしの冒険: Modern Kokeshi Concours in Maebashi City "Dance of…

U nder gray skies on Saturday, February the kids, Naoko and I drove north on the Kan'etsu Highway from western Tokyo to Maebashi City i.

紙のこけし。Papercraft "Kokeshi" - ペパグラフ|ペーパークラフト情報ブログ

紙のこけし。Papercraft "Kokeshi" - ペパグラフ|ペーパークラフト情報ブログ