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This is a tutorial on how to get 360 waves for men with curly hair. A typical black men hairstyle, 360 waves offer a good styling option for men with the tightest of curl types! The 360 Waves hairstyle aims…Read more →

Get 360 Waves - wikiHow

How to Get 360 Waves. 360 waves are also known as "waves," or "spinnas." This unique and captivating look was made famous by the rapper Nelly, and it's a popular look among African-American men.

10 Unique ways to say "I love you".... Angela I think you will like #6 lol

I had lots of fun this year celebrating the holiday of love . For breakfast we ate pink pancakes with sprinkles .

10 Questions to ask your husband weekly

Lack of communication is the root of all problems in marriages. Here, we have 10 questions you can ask your spouse weekly to improve your marriage.