Would make a good gift card holder

Wizard's Hangout: Christmas Coffee Cup Pocket Card - hide a gift card in here

répétition d'objets, les éléments forment un tout.

It has a very patriotic look with the red white and blue stripes, which is pretty cool because it reminds me of the and old antique signs saying 'COFFEE' above a man holding a cup of Joe.

Storefront illustrations by Tokyo-based artist Mateusz Urbanowicz (aka Mattō).

Artist Spotlight: Mateusz Urbanowicz

The Polish illustrator and graphic designer Mateusz Urbanowicz exiled in Tokyo in order to work for an animation studio. This artist that was already published




saraligariwatercolors: NYC by Sara Ligari // art // drawing // inspiration // illustration // artsy // sketch

Bada Bling!

/ Clean and simple, black and white engagement / wedding card. Use silver mirror cardstock to achieve the wedding ring look, and add rhinestone stickers for the gems.

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