Winona Ryder and her hair are the trade marks of 90s girl! So chic

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Oh Yeon-seo's fascinating short hairstyle @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

A lot of people who think that a woman who has a short haircut is a tomboy woman. Actually, this analysis is not correct exactly everything, because the presumption of choosing short hair is a tomb…

ジェンダーレスが気分なの。美しショートヘアで“色っぽハンサム”なムードを纏え (2ページ目)|MERY [メリー]

ジェンダーレスが気分なの。美しショートヘアで“色っぽハンサム”なムードを纏え (2ページ目)|MERY [メリー]

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News: Top model Manon Leloup chats about her latest endeavour: a documentary called Speaking Dolls. - The Business Model (Top Model Colouring)


Finding the heat unbearable for your naturally thick hair? You might want to consider these short hairstyles to combat the heat.

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