If you had been in touch with reality all along, you would never have been disappointed. But you chose to paint people in glowing colors; you chose not to see through human beings because you chose not to see through yourself. So you’re paying the price now. --Anthony de Mello, Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality

Yuzen kimono by IKOMA Teruo, Japan, background half turquoise, the other white with white sheaves of wheat

Contemporary silk furisode. Japan

菜々緒 Nanao (Japanese fashion model & actress) ☆She's the best when playing the role of a meanest girl in office.

山形きもの時間 October 2012[ No.19 ] / Yamagata Kimono Times, October 2012 no19

tsmskimonoyokubo: “ thekimonogallery: “ “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition ” Wooo i like that Serpent Scale pattern obi!

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宵闇のような黒の地に浮かび上がるように織り出された大輪の百合の花が美しいウールの単着物です。 #kimono

宵闇のような黒の地に浮かび上がるように織り出された大輪の百合の花が美しいウールの単着物です。 #kimono

17th to early 18th century | Nara Prefecture Museum of Art, Japan

to early century Shroud and unlined kimono thing that has been tailored in linen. Adding to the sense of sheer fabric is exhilarating to the black ground color, are showing the texture of clothing suitable for summer. Nara Prefecture Museum of Art, Japan


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Tanuki+Kimono the kimono itself is gorgeous paired with a simple black or nude dress or a pair of jeans and a tshirt.

Great autumn set from Mamechiyo carries a richness that only perfect color matching can. The green of the kimono is slightly dulled (unexpected from Mamechiyo, who mostly deal in saturated solids),.