Poster by Otl Aicher, 1953. (Der Einzelne in der Gemeinschaft = the individual in the community)

otl aicher. cadrado, círculo, triángulo (1). square, circle, triangle (1)

1972 Olympic Poster

Visual Kontakt - Design, Fashion, Photography, Architecture, Illustration and Typography: Otl Aicher - 1972 Munich Olympics Posters

La marca de Otl Aicher para Braun es todo un clásico del Branding ·

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Der Gestaltingenieur — otl aicher

Official Olympics Logo, Typo, Colors and Graphic for München Olympic Games", Münich, (Germany) - Original Graphic Design by Otl [Otto] Aicher (b. 1922 - d.

Otl Aicher #grafica #logo #storia

It arises whenever two or more parties strive for a goal which cannot. but does it float — Designspiration

By Otl Aicher, via graphic design layout, identity systems and great type lock-ups.

Josef Müller - Brockman poster design is like sex for the eyes. Except there's no guilty feelings or toweling up after.

Otl Aicher – Graphic for Isny im Allgäu

1972 Munich Olympics Timetables designed by Otl Aicher and his team. Design classics and collectable items.

Der Gestaltingenieur — otl aicher

design-is-fine: “Hanswerner Klein, cover of the german design magazine form, Shown is the model of 1972 Munich Olympic Stadium by architect Frei Otto. © Verlag form GmbH & Co.