Visual graphics of Parts of the Yakiyotori. 焼き鳥と一言でいっても、その部位は様々。焼き鳥の部位について、もっと詳しくなってしまう・・・!?そんなインフォグラフィックです。


I want to know the number of guys as well. International spy that successful? Don't even try telling me that job requires heterosexuality.

Ultimate resume of James Bond

Ultimate resume of James Bond that would make other guys jealous. James Bond and Jupiter shared their ability to pick up women.

#SPECTRE Character Poster: Q (Ben Whishaw) Eng ver. …

Ben Whishaw News on

“SPECTRE - Character Posters ” Unfortunately the source is missing the last two so I’m substituting them with the Taiwanese version for now

bond. james bond.

Daniel Craig, the sixth James Bond. The poster from Casino Royale, I think the best made James Bond film.


グレースーツ 着こなし【最新スタイル】

Q played by Ben Whishaw...I love his hair!!!

Who Should Be The Next Doctor?

Ben Whishaw introduced to all of us as the latest Q master is in recent 007 entry Skyfall. He introduced to all of us as the real young nerd you will see in the every technology organization. Deliberately his looks were entirely different than Bond

ギャラリー - Spectre

Lea Seydoux stars as Madeleine Swann in the new James Bond film Spectre.

オスカーニーマイヤー - Bing 画像

オスカーニーマイヤー - Bing 画像