Curious to know why you've been craving Mickey D's? Maybe it has something to do with the color in their logo design. @Imagine Leadership

Psicología del color en el diseño de logos #infografia #infographic #design

I like the color overlays on photos as a brand identity element.

Unify i love this packaging its so quirky and amazing, how its progressed so far, also the colour palette used goes so well and it all compliments eachother and looks fantastic, the composition used and all the design products

シャプラニールのロゴ:シンプルでおしゃれなNPOロゴ | ロゴストック


シャプラニールのロゴ:シンプルでおしゃれなNPOロゴ | ロゴストック

Beautiful Hand Drawn Typography And Illustration On A Minimalist Design Letterpress Business Card:

This business card design shows that just a couple of well thought out and beautifully executed design elements are needed to create an eye catching card.

Merciful by Ojes Studio on @creativemarket

Merciful By Ojes Studio Introducing Merciful Script - a new fresh & modern script with a sweet calligraphy-style, decorative characters! Perfect for logo marks, typographic quotes over photos, book covers and packaging design, and more!