Minions Lunch box - 40 Creative Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids,,

40+ Creative Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

Little Girl Onigiri Bento

Kawaii Japanese Little Girl Onigiri Rice Balls Kyaraben Bento Lunch box (Tsubaki Flower Made by Tsukemono Pickled Vegetable)

summer bento ♥ Bento

Summer fun boy onigiri bento box, featuring cucumber and imitation crab "watermelons", wiener and egg crepe sunflowers, and stag beetle wieners

penguin onigiri

Onigiri is the art of creating shapes and designs out of rice. This art form is popular in bento box lunches and sushi plates and it's no surprise that chef's everywhere have incorporated the spir.

Obento o Bento (^^) - etto bueno este es un Obento o Bento muy kawaii hai hai etto eso xxx333 - Fotolog

Obento o Bento (^^) - japan_photos

squid and fish bento box there is ham and sausage used in the squids, I think carrots for fish :/