Brick Clips - hanging on brick without drilling!

In the event that my dreams of an exposed brick wall is actualized: Brick Clips - hanging on brick without drilling. Great for hanging stuff on the outside wall, or inside brick walls or fireplaces.

the portable water filter system with style. Hopefully this is going to be released some day. #design #concept #genius

Metamorphose Filter - Avid water drinkers are going to dig the Metamorphose Filter. Nadim Inaty's conceptual water filter is designed as to turn normal PET bottles .

perfect for storage

Twist Whisk transforms from a flat whisk to a balloon whisk - with a twist!

Wine with friends

Acquacalda, an Italian group of designers, working on experimental and vanguardist design have created a new range of kitchen gadgets called Applied Physics which have been designed keeping the laws of physics in mind.

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