How to make panda onigiri

CuteZCute Fun Rice Mold Onigiri Shaper and Dry Roasted Seaweed Cutter Set, Baby Panda


Onigiri is a rice ball wrapped with nori (roasted seasoned seaweed) and filled with pickled vegetables, meat, or special seasoning. They are a very common snack or lunch in Japan,and can be served so many ways.

Cooking Gallery: Three Pale Chicks Bento

Cooking Gallery: Three Pale Chicks Bento Bento boxes are arranged for children's lunches by their parents.

chick onigiri

Cute Japanese rice (Make with Pongal instead and add peppercorn eyes and carrot feet etc - Pongal Chicks!

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Minions 🍌 More of these yellow cuties can be found at my bento friends 's & 's IG!

つくれぽ1000人ありがとう【アンパンマンおにぎり】 の画像|Mai's スマイル キッチン

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