Esto sí que son las típicas recetas japonesas. Aquí, delante de esta, os dejo unas cuantas:

adorable rice ball animals If only I had the patience to do this for the kids. It's onigiri rice balls in a bento box. Not just "rice ball animals".

How to make panda onigiri

CuteZCute Fun Rice Mold Onigiri Shaper and Dry Roasted Seaweed Cutter Set, Baby Panda


Onigiri is a rice ball wrapped with nori (roasted seasoned seaweed) and filled with pickled vegetables, meat, or special seasoning. They are a very common snack or lunch in Japan,and can be served so many ways.

Cooking Gallery: Three Pale Chicks Bento

Cooking Gallery: Three Pale Chicks Bento Bento boxes are arranged for children's lunches by their parents.

chick onigiri

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Minions 🍌 More of these yellow cuties can be found at my bento friends 's & 's IG!