Description: "A simple and modern Japanese house by Studio Synapse." This room has wabi elements, as it is simple, uses natural materials, and was obviously constructed by hand (built in shelves, table, paneling). It may not be sabi since it is a new construction, however the design is very classic. This could be a "modern" California home from the late 40s.

A simple and modern Japanese house by Studio Synapse


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Reminds me of my Grandmother's home in Japan. I'm designing our retirement home with some ideas from her home.

Modern Asian till now) - shown by the Natural fabrics & materials used throughout the room. Incredibly simple in design, with rich carved wood. Designed to incorporate natural light within the space. A very peaceful & clam vibe.


【ELLE gourmet】古民家とコーヒーと「カヤバベーカリー」|エル・オンライン


A great place to curl up. I've always dreamed of having an indoor library as a room in my future home. Comfy chairs, coffee table, shelves upon shelves of books, open backyard window, NO tv in that room.

Diego Querols The Japanese Visuals - Ronen Bekerman 3d architectural visualization blog

Diego Querol takes us through some of the key processes involved in making his Sandra Tarruella-inspired architectural piece, The Japanese.

Barn Style Home Design by Japanese Architecture Firm | Modern House Designs

This awesome barn style home design is a unique workshop / home in Hamamatsu City by Japanese architecture firm Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates. This industrial-chic house has a “homey” twist.

house beautiful/ photo by amy neunsinger

A Japanese-Inspired Home

// this is pretty much my dream kitchen. designer pamela shamshiri for house beautiful


Ancient Japanese - Katsura Imperial Villa, Kyoto (c A clear example of traditional techniques of room devision with the use of sliding blinds and paper walls.