Sushi restaurant in Gion, Kyoto 寿司割烹

Sushi restaurant in Gion, Kyoto 寿司割烹.damn these food pictures are making me light-headed.

Japanese sweets

The delicate, sophisticated wagashi (traditional Japanese Sweets) are part of the traditional tea ceremony in Japan, and are eaten before the ritual bowl of matcha tea

Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子

Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子 I can't wait to get to a Japanese bakery to buy these! They look too beautiful!


Nigiri sushi platter @ Yuzu on Chestnut & Fillmore - specifically the blow torched salmon with smoked sea salt.


Yellow plate: can cut strips of mochi skin before making that.experiment with paper first Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子