Japanese Matcha ice cream

Japanese Matcha ice cream with matcha green tea poured on top of it. An authentic Japanese green tea fusion

japanese sweets

Monaka is a Japanese sweet made of beans Jam filling sandwiched between two wafer made from mochi. - Food and Foods

Japanese sweets -matcha parfait in bamboo-

Matcha parfait in bamboo --- Tokichi Nakamura& cafe, Uji Kyoto, Japan --- This cafe is known as the best green tea cafe in Uji. This parfait had a rich matcha flavor and was very delicious!


ふわふわカスタードケーキ【No.125】 レシピ・作り方

maiko katsuna dancing | japanese culture #kimono

Maiko Ichitaka and Katsuna dancing at the 2015 Nishijin kimono garden party (source).

Matcha (Green Tea) Latte Granita — Oh, How Civilized

Matcha (Green Tea) Latte Granita

Maiko bowing

Beautiful display of pink red and white plum blossoms when this maiko bows.

shiso juice

Shiso juice: "Red shiso is a Japanese perilla herb and is used for dyeing pickled ume.