Squee! Seal daifuku (mochi) from Twitter user @ushihito.

Wagashi meets creativity with seal daifuku mochi

Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子 - i've always wanted to take a wagashi class, i think it'd be so fun! look how pretty these are.

These Wagashi (Japanese sweet rice cakes) are too pretty to eat!

MATCHA MILK BREAD TURTLES | WITH CHOCOLATE DUTCH CRUNCH (http://www.ful-filled.com/2016/05/27/matcha-milk-bread-turtles/)

Switch up your boring bread recipe + make these adorable matcha milk bread turtles with a chocolate dutch crunch top.

Japanese sweets                                                       …

Sweets of the Tea Ceremony. Artful creations are traditionally served during the tea ceremony to complement the bitter matcha.



A healthy kabocha squash treat!

If you're getting overloaded with Halloween sweets, try making these Kabocha bites.

材料は4つだけ!芋ようかんの作り方:How to make Imo Yokan | Veggie Dishes by Peaceful Cuisine

材料は4つだけ!芋ようかんの作り方:How to make Imo Yokan. Imo Yokan is a bar of sweet potato paste. I love this Japanese dessert since I was a child! Hope you’ll like this recipe.

Creamy Annin Tofu | Recipes | Dining with the chef | Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Creamy Annin Tofu - Dining with the Chef - NHK WORLD - English

This program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients.

I adore coconut...and I adore haupia/coconut jelly. I need to go back to making this.

Coconut Jelly Recipe (Cake on the Brain)