Akika Tachibana

Akika Tachibana

Akika Tachibana
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Lemon-Poppy Seed Angel Cake recipe. i'd love this for brunch!

Craving a tart, lip-smacking treat? Fresh lemon peel brightens this light angel food cake, from batter to glaze to garnish. Even with these yummy additions, this cake recipe is low in fat with only 1 gram per slice.

志野さんの*天然フルーツアイスクリーム  で

志野さんの*天然フルーツアイスクリーム で

Tulips and Butter: Yummy Japanese food recipes

Tonkatsu (japanese crumbed pork) - I have found the best result is when I make my own panko(bread crumbs) by simply putting a bunch of stale/dry bread in the food processor for a few seconds

Japanese Food Recipes

Miso soup is a favorite amongst Japanese food lovers. Though unbeknownst to many, in Japan, miso soup is not just a restaurant treat, but actually eaten everyday for.